Livestock Trailers

The Ifor Williams range of livestock trailers accommodates all livestock from cattle, sheep and pigs to alpacas and llamas plus many others.

From the smallest P6e to the largest 14’ tri axle, Ifor Williams Trailers have something to meet the demands of most livestock farmers. From sheep and pigs to heifers and prize bulls we have the trailer for the job.

When the container is removed, the DP120 can be used as a conventional flatbed trailer.

Body lengths of 10’, 12’ and 14’ are available, all with standard headroom of 6’. A tri axle is an option on the 12’ model and standard on the 14’ version. All sizes are available with either the standard ramp or with the EasyLoad ramp and folding deck system

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The TA510 range offers substantial high specification trailers, designed for those who require the maximum volume and gross weight available.

Body lengths of 10’, 12’ and 14’ are available, with height options of 6’ and 7’. All sizes are available with either the standard ramp, combination ramp doors or with the EasyLoad ramp and folding deck system.

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TA5 models with 6′ or 7′ headrooms are suitable for customers requiring an alternative to the larger TA510 or DP120. The TA5 range with 6’ or 7’ headroom is a substantial but slightly narrower trailer, ideal for navigating rural tracks and lanes.

The TA5 are available in 8’, 10’, and 12’ body lengths. The 8’ and 10’ versions have a maximum gross weight of 2700kg, while the 12’ heavy duty version offers 3500kg mgw.

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The P6 & P8 are designed for those who need a light yet robust means of transporting small types of livestock. Easy to tow, reverse and manoeuvre, the trailers will meet the needs of the most serious of farming professionals.They are ideal for those who regularly attend agricultural shows with their prize animals.

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Our P6e and P7e livestock range offers small unbraked trailers with outstanding flexibility both on and off road. Light enough to be towed by a quad bike, they can be used for moving sheep or calves around the farm on short offroad journeys. With the canopy removed, the trailers become general utility trailers for carrying feed, fertiliser and other goods.

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